MORE Sleep For Teenagers!

Schools all over Scotland are to be offered resources to teach teenagers how to get more sleep at night.

The pack is from the charity Sleep Scotland and hopes to increase awareness of the impact of sleep on a young person’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Research from Sleep Scotland shows that the amount teenagers from around the world are sleeping has steadily decreased over the past 10 to 20 years.

According to the charity many electronic devices such as television’s, phones, ipods, and video games can prevent teenagers from getting the 9 hours of sleep people their age need.

Getting lots of sleep can increase your physical health and performance in school, according to the charity’s counselling service.

Jane Ansell, the director of Sleep Scotland says

“I don’t think any parent would think of sending out their child without enough food in the morning, or decent clothing and they know how important reasonable exercise is, so why should you send your

child out without enough sleep?”

A report by the charity said many young people believed they could make up for lack of sleep through the week by sleeping later at weekends.

Kieran McMullin

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James Bond Composer Dies

“With great sadness, his family reveal his death on the 30th January, 2011.”

Sadly, James Bond composer John Barry has passed away, aged 77.

He suffered a fatal heart attack in New York and his family today announced they were making arrangements for his funeral which would be “strictly private.” However, a more public memorial will be held later this year.

His music included scores for films such as ‘The Ipcress File’, ‘Zulu’ and ‘Midnight Cowboy’, but he will undoubtedly be best remembered for his association with 007.

He won five Oscars and was nominated another two times – but never for his work on Bond, stangely enough.

His friends took to their twitter pages in the thousands to pay a tribute to the musical genius.

Singer and actor Michael Crawford paid tribute to a man he said had been “A close friend for many, many years.”

He said: “We first worked together in 1967 on Richard Lester’s award winning film ‘The Knack’ and later my first stage musical Billy in 1971 which ran for two years at Drury Lane.

He wrote some of the most memorable and beautiful film scores we could ever wish to hear.”

RIP John Barry.

By Emily Low

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Local Author Visits Meldrum

The children’s author Alexander Gordon Smith came to Meldrum Academy on the 18th March to speak to S1 classes about his books and writing. He was really interesting and had a lot of funny stories to share. He was telling us that if you are writing a story don’t just sit at a desk and write it, go and experience it. For instance, for his “The Inventors” book, he and his brother Jamie made the inventions to see if they worked and then wrote about them so that they had a firsthand experience. It was a really good experience and I think that it might have inspired a few people to keep on writing and try new things, he might have even encouraged some people to start writing. I would really like to read his books and I think a lot of other children will too.

Chloe Jamieson

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Meldrum’s Got Talent

This year Meldrum Academy is holding Meldrum’s Got Talent to raise money for Comic Relief.


Eager pupils were seen singing, dancing, piano playing and throwing a Diablo. But were they any good?

Well, some of the senior boys sang and did some (terrible) dancing, someone played the piano and sang ‘Your Song’ and it was amazing! Still others such as Jason and Phoebe were nervous but sang well. They should be proud of themselves.

Apparently, two boys were brave to try rapping in front of a large audience. Final contestants are still to be announced but it is hoped they get through to the final, which is fast approaching. We will find out who’s got talent and who hasn’t!

By Chloe Johnston

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Hollywood Heroine Liz Taylor Dies aged 79


Screen Star Elizabeth dies of congestive heart failure.

Hailed by many as the last Hollywood great, the world was shocked to find Taylor had passed away on Wednesday morning.

The star will be best remembered for her eight marriages, many films and her effort to sponsor AIDS.

Her world famous beauty started off her career when she was spotted, aged 9, and since then had been in numerous films.

The well-known films she starred in included ‘Cleopatra’, ‘National Velvet’ and ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’

Her health problems began with a fall while filming her first hit film, National Velvet, which led to a lifetime of back problems.

Pneumonia almost killed her in 1961 as she also battled addictions to alcohol and painkillers.

Taylor had two hip transplants in the 1990s, suffered another bout of pneumonia and came through surgery for a benign brain tumour.

In 2004, it was announced she was suffering from congestive heart failure and a twisted spine as a result of scoliosis.

However, bravely battling on, she ordered a jewel-encrusted wheelchair and set up charity work for AIDS in 1991 after the death of her friend Rock Hudson.

Now, her family, hoping to keep her alive, have requested that instead of sending flowers, donations be made to the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation.

Liz Taylor, RIP.

By Emily Low

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BBC News Group & First Click

On October 7, 2010, Meldrum AcademyBBC News Group took part in a workshop to help members of the public to use computers as part of the BBC First Click campaign – a campaign hoping to help the eldery gain confidence in using computers.


There was a group of 7 reporters,4 members ofthe public, 2 senior pupils and 2 teachers.I did an interview with Rachel Grieg, who wasone of the reporters at the workshop, and asked herwhether she enjoyed participating.

A. I really enjoyed the experience and I think the elderly people did too.

Q. Did you get a lot out of it?

A. Yes, I did get a lot out of it such as the information on the talking newspapers which I never knew about before.

Q. Do you think the elderly person you were helping enjoyed the experience?

A. Yes, I think she did enjoy the experience. One of the other stories that we found out about was on liver transplants, which was told by Annette. Her 7-year- old granddaughter had a liver transplant not long ago.The patient survival is 96% on liver transplantation, which is a high number compared to other transplantations. All major organs, including the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys, can be transplanted, and the success rate ranges from 90% to 50%

Overall the workshop was a great success from all angles

By Carmen Brack

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Dancing on Ice

Dancing on ice started on the 9th of January 2011.  It is a show in which Jane Torvill, Christopher Dean and Karen Barber are teaching 16 celebrities to Ice Skate, whilst their performance is judged by Jason Gardener, Robin Cousins and Emma Bunton.  The night began with a triple skate; Nadia Sawalah and Angela Rippon went out.

The Skating line up is –

Chloe Madley – She describes herself as marmite: you’ll either love her or hate he. But which will it be?

Dave Vitty – Radio 1 presenter, ‘Comedy Dave’, will be hoping his routines aren’t to laughable.

Denise Welch – Forthright Denise won’t be intimidated by the views of that frosty panel.

Dominic Cork – He’ll hit you for six with his dance moves … well, that’s what cricketer Dominic’s hoping anyway.

Jeff Brazier – TV presenter Jeff has been pumping iron and pirouetting in a bid to shape up for ice victory.

Jennifer Metcalfe – The Hollyoaks star is out to prove she more than some sexy soap star.

Johnston Beharry VC – He’s big, he’s tough and ready to skate to success – But will military hero Johnston do the forces proud?

Kerry Katona – Kerry’s back form the brink and on to the rink as she heads for staking success.

Laura Hamilton – This adrenalin junkie kids’ TV presenter is set to show that she’s not kidding around.

Sam Attwater – Ex-Eastenders heartthrob Sam should have any female soap fan in lather in those lycra suits.

Vanilla Ice – He’s got the perfect name – but has rapper Vanilla Ice got the move to impress the judges?

We’ll just have to watch and see!

By Chloe Jamison

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14 Year Old Boy Admits Killing Girl

A 14 year old boy has admitted to killing a girl he knew from facebook. She was found half-naked recently.

The 13-year old from Lithuania, Alytus, was found dead outside a bus stop, after arranging to meet her “friend” from Vilnius.

A spokesperson said that the boy confessed, and could face up to a maximum of ten years imprisonment if found to be guilty.

With so much recently publicised in school on the importance of child safety on the internet, this tragedy reinforces the importance of telling someone where you are going. 

Emily Low

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Bill Washes Dishes For Children In Need


On November 20, 2010, Bill Scorgie, one of the Janitors at Meldrum Academy, decided to wash over 100 dishes for Children In Need. He hoped to raise more than £100 for disadvantaged children all over the world.

Bill was doing the washing up for four hours (10-2 pm).  Bill Said ‘ I am feeling very tired already,’ and that was just after one hour. ‘ I am happy that you came because now I get a break,’ he told me.

Amazingly, by the end of his stint as dishwasher, Bill managed to earn £320 to contribute to Children in Need.  Well done, Bill!

By Chloe Jamison

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Grinding our Axes for Gambia

This year, enterprising students at Meldrum Academy decided to hold a guitar hero competition to raise money for the 2011 trip to the Gambia.

The trip out to the Gambia runs for those who are working to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award in 6th year. The pupils, assisted by some teachers, help the communities they will visit. In 2010, for example, the pupils built a new school.

For £1.50, pupils who could play at the medium, hard or advanced levels had a shot at playing to win a prize. The most common song was The Kill – 30 seconds to Mars. And for those wanting to watch, they could pay 50p and watch it on the Smart Board.

The Head Teacher, Mr Travis, was also there to see what was going on. He said, “The people taking part seem to be really enjoying themselves and the game looks superb up on the big screen. It’s a good idea to raise money for the Gambia project 2011.”

In the second round, the more advanced players competed against each other. A few of the contestants were David (playing against Buddy), and Mhairi (against Stephanie). The expected winner was 6th year Ollie, and this was an accurate guess!

Well done to the predicted winner Ollie who won the ‘expert’ category (and a box of celebrations.) He said “I actually managed to thrash Lachlan. For one song, I was doing the worm and not even holding the guitar for ¼ of it.” He also said that the winner of the hard category, Mhairi, managed to get a 300 note streak. Her opponent David Wiseman joked “Being a gentleman, I let Mhairi win.” Fellow contestant Ollie was pleased David had been “thrashed by a girl.”

Medium category winner Stuart Foy managed to beat Paul. It was good fun for a good cause – we hope the raise the funds they need for their trip.

Emily Low

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