The Ultimate Guide to Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 might be old but it’s super fun and it’ll take a while to complete. So I’m gonna show you how to get followers, kill psychos and, of course, slaughter zombies. By the way, if you couldn’t tell, it’s an 18 just to warn you.


 Don’t prove your innocence or save your daughter. Just kill and save. You’ll get a rubbish ending but when you restart you’ll be at a VERY high level.

Step 2. T.I.R.

 To play Terror is Reality you’ll need Xbox live (so buy it). It is the easiest way to make money but just remember to click cash out (and buy Xbox live).

Step 3. Gather Followers

 Get followers and you better give them a gun. Some psychos are easily defeated by your survivors with guns like Mail Man, Chef or survivors that you accidentally hit too much.

 Step 4. Total Makeover

 There are four downloadable costume packs: Soldier, Psycho, Ninja and Sports fan. They each give you a special ability, but you don’t have to wear it all to get the ability. Wear a single piece of each costume.

 Step 5. C for Combo

 Combo Weapons are the heart of the game and the first weapon you make will be the spiked bat. For maximum power though you’ll want the laser sword, knife gloves, and paddle saw.

And that is the ultimate guide to Dead Rising 2

Just remember: Have fun, PS3 sucks and buy Xbox live.

By Jason Stewart

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Underaged Gaming – What do you think?

Today thousands of young children play the wrong age setting of games, but I am not nagging, I am one of them.  :)

Some people agree that children should play the right age level. However, others (and I agree) believe that a game is a game – if you enjoy it play it. 

Although I would definitely recommend having your parents read the back of the box to show the signs; e.g. the spider means fear, the gun means violence.  Or, if you wish, let your brother or father play the game first to make sure it is safe to play.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide your gaming age, but it is better to ask your parents so that you can have fun but play safe!

By Jason Paterson

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Halloween’s Origins

Halloween originated in Ireland where the Celts celebrated it as Samhain, which roughly translates as ‘summers end’, but unlike nowadays it had no connection to the Supernatural.

It also has roots in the Roman festivals of Pomona – she was the goddess of fruits and seeds – and the festival of the dead named Parentalia. When the Romans invaded Britain the festivals merged.

Then Christianity arrived and decided to ‘rescue’ the Celts from the Devil. The only way to do this was to embrace Christianity. The battle between religions lasted many generations. Finally the Christians set up All Hallows Day which celebrated all the saints that didn’t already have a day to celebrate them. Samhain became known as All Hallows Eve and eventually Halloween.

In addition, several ‘traditional’ images like witches and ghosts also have ancient roots. The word for witch comes from the old Irish word wiccen which means wise. The church demonized practitioners because they were woman who had a better understanding of herbs and medicine than them. Other creatures that were made evil by the church include fairies and the many gods. Ghosts in the festivals of Samhain were the considered to be the spirit of those who had died that year. The Celts carried offerings through the village to tempt them away from people; this is where Trick or Treating has its first roots.

It should be clear that Halloween is a mix of many cultures. I feel that we should learn more about our ancient festivals but we should still enjoy them to the full like we do today.

By Hayley Mullan

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Celtic Vs. Rangers

The great rivalry between Celtic and Rangers went one step forward in their game on Wednesday 2nd March. The Old Firm played at Celtic Park in round five of the Scottish Cup.

Amazingly, there were 13 yellow cards and 3 red cards, with Rangers having picked up all red cards. Sasa Papac picked up a head injury when he cleared a shot by Danny Wilson. Referee Calum Murray had a very tough job.

After the full time whistle, Neil Lennon and Ally Mcoist had an argument. Walter Smith had to drag Mcoist away from Lennon. Lennon got a six match ban which is now a four match ban, while Mcoist got a two match ban.

Celtic 1-0 Rangers

Att: 57,847

Yellow Cards: Whittaker (28) Diouf (37) Fleck (44) Bougherra (57) Davis (76) Foster (85) Hutton (90+5)

Red Cards: Whittaker (36) Bougherra (90+4)

Semi-final draw

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Dundee Utd/ Motherwell v Brechin/ St Johnstone

Aberdeen v Celtic

Staff Journalist

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Nothing Write without You

Much wailing could be heard from the English base this week after the traumatising loss of Mr Glendinning’s beloved fountain pen. Missing property isn’t uncommon in Meldrum Academy but this very special pen has got the whole of the department’s attention.

Of the loss Mr Glendinning said, “It was a pen that marked many an essay and changed many a life forever. It was less of a pen and more a part of my hand.”

Many Pupils have also expressed their sorrow. “I was shocked about the missing pen and was mortified someone would do something like this,” one boy stated.

“Though the tears run down my face I will go on,” cried one girl.

Another girl added, “Although my face is smiling, on the inside I’m crying.”

When asked for a description of the pen Mr Glendinning, 30, explained that it had a burgundy top-half with a black bottom-half and a steel lid.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of this pen PLEASE contact anyone from the English department as a matter of urgency.

 By Kieran McMullin

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Japan Tsunami – Horrifying Scenes of Utter Loss of Control

A sea of terror caught lorries, ships and even fires unaware, leaving behind a country in turmoil.

This is the biggest natural disaster to hit in the history of Japan. Countries (including Britain an America) have declared support for Japan, as the country struggles to cope with the ever-pressing problems.

Supplies, people and sanity are in high demand across the affected places in Japan. The people left alive are stocking up with demands as food shortages begin to hit the already-devastated country.

The government is, however, optimistic about things getting better.

Emily Low

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Students Brave the Snow for Silver Map Day

March 12th, 2010 saw the Duke of Edinburgh silver group of Meldrum Academy brave the freezing outdoors to acquire the orienteering skills essential for their final expedition. Although the weather had been good for the last month, the night before the map day snow began to fall rapidly. By the morning of the map day a thick layer coated the desolate Bennachie hills which they would attempt to navigate through.
            The day started with a short briefing – no one wanted to stand around for long in the freezing conditions – before they started to hone their map reading skills. The first task was to count the amount of steps it would take to complete one hundred metres. This was done to varying degrees of success. Some pupils aptly strode from one end of the 50 metre rope and back counting their steps as they went with little trouble. Some pupils counted one way but not the other. Some pupils lost count or forgot to count at all. Some pupils didn’t manage to complete the hundred metre stroll without falling over.
            Next it was practising setting your map; a process which enables the reader to decide which direction they wish to travel in by lining the map up with the direction of North. This task was handled well by all, apart from those incapable of holding a compass straight.
            When the students had reached an approved level of map competence, they were unleashed on the hill. With the snow still falling around them the five brave groups endeavoured to navigate around 10 different points using only their maps, their compasses and their own skill in judgement. The teachers accompanied the groups around the first few points before letting them go their own way and make their own mistakes. In this emotional parting the dependant became the independent through the skills they had learnt that morning. When the tears had dried the groups set off to face the brutal conditions on their own.
            By lunch the groups were back inside after completing their epic journeys between 10 points on the hill. It was almost an orienteering rite of passage. As they sat down to their pack lunches inside the Bennachie centre, the level of camaraderie between the group members was incredible. A real sign of the benefits the Duke of Edinburgh program
            After lunch, the whole group went out together for one final walk but due to the persisting snow fall the walk was cut short. The group returned to the Bennachie centre and awaited their journeys home to warmth and comfort. The day had been brutal, uncomfortable and tiring but the 22-strong group, which had arrived on the hillside as boys and girls, left as men and women.
              By George Bruce
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Nuclear Blast Triggered by Friday’s Tsunami and Quake

After being hit by an earthquake and tsunami, Japan now faces even more problems.

With natural disasters come many things. Fear, sorrow and doubt rank highly in the emotional category, whilst in the physical outcomes people are injured, trapped or worse, dead and nobody knows.

Prioritising what to do first is a distressing activity, and now everyone involved has an even bigger problem. Friday’s enormous earthquake and tsunami triggered an explosion at a nuclear power plant that has led to radiation levels soaring.   

Tokyo Electric Power said four of its workers had been injured in the blast at Fukushima, 250km north of Tokyo, but that their injuries were not life-threatening.

However, the evacuation area around the power plant has been extended, and a state of emergency has been declared.

Tests on three individuals in a nearby hospital showed they had been exposed to some of the wavering radiations levels.

A Government spokesman Yukio Edano said radiation levels had fallen around the Plant. “Sea water is being pumped in to rectify this.” He added.

The government is attempting to keep morale high, and is freely distributing iodine to those who need it.

Iodine is an antiseptic, and cleans any wounds on the body, particularly helpful to those who have been trapped in murky water.

Emily Low

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Cathy Cassidy Comes to Craft a Climate of Creativity

THE children’s author Cathy Cassidy has written 14 books and is a favourite author among Meldrum Academy’s first year girls.

Cathy also travels the country in her campervan at various events to meet her fans and to promote her books.

All of her books encourage the reader to follow your dreams and to believe in yourself no matter what.

Her latest book Cherry Crush is the first book in her new series called ‘The Chocolate Box Girls’. The book Cherry Crush follows the life of Cherry Costello who when she moves to live with her new stepsisters and mum can’t help but telling lies and falling for Honey’s (one of her new step sisters) boyfriend Shay. So will it all fall apart or will it be ok?

This is one of the reviews from Cathy Cassidy’s website:

Yuliya, age 9

I started reading Cherry Crush and I can’t wait to read the whole story!

I love the title, “Chocolate box girls” It makes me think of a box of chocolates which has different flavours and each of them is a sister. For example, Cherry can be cherry flavoured!

Cathy’s books usually focus on domestic and romantic issues and really draw the reader in from the first sentence. 

So have you read any of her books?

Carmen Brack

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Shoe Boxes sent to Romania

Shoe boxes from all over the UK are being sent off to Romania for poor children.

Donations of gifts that would be useful like toys, sweets (no chocolate and sweets should have a use by date before March 2011), toothbrushes, toothpaste, hat, scarf, gloves and toiletries, are sent to people of all ages. 

The Rotary club charity are the people who organise the event and when all the boxes that have been sent from the UK come to their head office in Worthington, they load shipments on to their trucks and distribute them to different stations and finally gifts are delivered by horse and cart.

The shoe box appeal has been running since 1992 and has always been successful, knowing everyone can have a smile on their faces.

Staff and pupils feel this is a very worthwhile cause.  Meldrum Academy put a message on their glow website:

Meldrum Academy are helping the Rotary club with their Shoe Box Appeal this year and we aim to fill 300 boxes to be shipped to Romania for Christmas time.  There are boxes in the library along with lists of suitable items for the boxes.  Please feel free to pick a box up and help this worthy

cause. Boxes will be uplifted around 15th Nov 2010.

Many Thanks

The Shoe Box Committee.


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