Super Bowl XLV

Its official, this year’s Super Bowl has become the most viewed television broadcast of all time. One hundred and eleven million American people tuned in to watch (that’s around 36 percent of the population!).  This number is around 4.5 million higher than Last year’s Super Bowl XLIV. The Green Bay Packers from Wisconsin were up against the Pittsburgh Steelers from Pennsylvania. However, it wasn’t just the drama of the game that made people tune in…

Entertainment during the game included Lea Michelle (Rachel from Glee) singing ‘America the Beautiful,’ Christina Aguilera fluffing the American national anthem, and The Black Eyed Peas performing a medley of their  greatest hits such as ‘Pump it’ and ‘The Time’ As the half-time show. After the game, this year’s lead out program was a new episode of Glee called ‘The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle’.

This year a 30 second commercial cost at least $3 Million and with around 60 commercials over $180 Million was made from ads alone. The Super Bowl is often considered to have the most important advertising spaces available and some people even tune in just to see them. Among the commercials were Pepsi, Doritos, and General Motors.

Overall, It was a great night for everyone especially the Packers (they won by 31-25 in case you were wondering!).

Kieran Mcmullin

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