Top Five Beauty Buys

TIRED of your old winter make up? Ready for some new, brighter, more exciting spring make up? Here are some great beauty buys to keep you looking fresh all season.

Max Factor Lip Tint Pen “Lipfinity”: £5.99 from £7.99

This new lip tint comes in the form of a pen and puts layers of colour on your lips. This is giving lipstick a new modern twist.

Maybelline Eraser Foundation: £9.99

This fantastic foundation is supposed to conceal fine lines and wrinkles. “It is like a primer built in, it goes on very smooth.” said one user.

ColourB4 Hair Colour Removal: £12.25

This hair colour removal shrinks the hair dye, allowing you to just wash it away. It is said to remove

permanent hair colour in just twenty minutes!

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner Black: £7.99

With its intense black colour and lasting colour, it’s no wonder it’s in the top five

Maybelline One By One mascara: £6.49

It coats and de-clumps your lashes ‘one by one’!

So try any of these for beauty heaven!

By Niamh

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