Big Freeze Bites Back

The Big Freeze Due To Bite Back

By Carmen


The Snow and cold temperatures returned with a vengeance yesterday through out central and north-east Scotland.


Several roads had to be closed due to heavy snow, ice and rain. Also 5 schools in the Aberdeenshire area closed mostly for bus pupils.  On the A9 Dumblane to Inverness road at least three cars skidded off the road in the treacherous conditions.


The coldest temperature recorded was -0.7˚c at Fyvie castle last night. Although the temperatures in Scotland and Northern Ireland were near average for this time of year, in England and Wales they were above the average.


Today the snow has gone from some places but all though out the north east of Scotland the freezing temperatures and remain.


But not everywhere the B974 both ways has been blocked because an accident was caused due to snow.


It’s not just going to be to snow causing problems though there is lots of rain and some wind forecast as well. This together with more cold conditions could cause some more icy surfaces.


So take care out there because there could still be wintry conditions near you.

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