Woeful Meldrum Crushed by Banchory Bruisers

On the 24th of February, Meldrum Academy Rugby Football Club took on the notorious Banchory Academy Rugby side at home. The game began with a promising catch from the kick off by Jamie – an under sixteen player who decided he was man enough to play up a year. Unfortunately the inexperience of the ill prepared Meldrum side left them with a disappointing half time score of thirty-one to none. However the Meldrum side were far from defeated. To start the second half scrum-half captain George made a brilliant opportunity by dodging not only one, but three Banchory forwards.  Unfortunately the ball was knocked on in a risky offload and therefore the chance was snatched away. As the game neared its demise the aggressive Banchory captain asked the brilliant George to “Get some respect!” to which George wittily replied, “My respect is for the game, not for the way you play it!”

The game ended with the underdog very much beaten. However, the team learned a lot from the clash and all were happy they were part of the defeat. A special thanks was given to all of the under sixteens who took part in the match to save forfeiting.

Gregor Bruce

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