Safe drive, Stay alive

In November, the ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ show in Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom urged S5 pupils from Grampian academies to stay safe on the road. It showed all the effects car crashes have, including the effects on various people such as drivers, emergency services, families, and, of course, the victims. Around 500 people attended.

The show started with pupils dancing and raving to loud music which created a fun and light-hearted atmosphere which contrasted heavily with the severity of the upcoming topic.

The story of the two girls began, showing the graphic effects of their violent crash. After the pleasant start to the show, the pupils were in awe at the dramatic turn of events. A Policeman then spoke to pupils about his feelings saying that he never wanted to see something so horrific happen to one of them. Although he knew he would see many more crashes on the roads of Aberdeenshire, he urged the pupils to take care.

After that they were shown more of the aftermath of the crash on screen which added to the already dark feeling of the show. The next people to talk were a fireman and a paramedic. Through their personal experiences, the pupils became even more aware of the impact a crash can have.

Then it was back to to the video as the scene switched to a hospital where the passenger was being resuscitated by a doctor. He later declared her dead and her family wept. Finally, a doctor then came and addressed the audience with his experiences of crash victims. He told the pupils how horrendous it is seeing another young life lost in a preventable incident.

On the whole the show lasted about 2 hours and was a really effective piece. It successfully communicated the message of the show through the personal eye witness responses to crashes. The pupils came out of the Beach Ballroom far more conscious of the dangers of the road and far more likely to “safe drive, stay alive”.

By Jade

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