Nothing Write without You

Much wailing could be heard from the English base this week after the traumatising loss of Mr Glendinning’s beloved fountain pen. Missing property isn’t uncommon in Meldrum Academy but this very special pen has got the whole of the department’s attention.

Of the loss Mr Glendinning said, “It was a pen that marked many an essay and changed many a life forever. It was less of a pen and more a part of my hand.”

Many Pupils have also expressed their sorrow. “I was shocked about the missing pen and was mortified someone would do something like this,” one boy stated.

“Though the tears run down my face I will go on,” cried one girl.

Another girl added, “Although my face is smiling, on the inside I’m crying.”

When asked for a description of the pen Mr Glendinning, 30, explained that it had a burgundy top-half with a black bottom-half and a steel lid.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of this pen PLEASE contact anyone from the English department as a matter of urgency.

 By Kieran McMullin

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