Cathy Cassidy Comes to Craft a Climate of Creativity

THE children’s author Cathy Cassidy has written 14 books and is a favourite author among Meldrum Academy’s first year girls.

Cathy also travels the country in her campervan at various events to meet her fans and to promote her books.

All of her books encourage the reader to follow your dreams and to believe in yourself no matter what.

Her latest book Cherry Crush is the first book in her new series called ‘The Chocolate Box Girls’. The book Cherry Crush follows the life of Cherry Costello who when she moves to live with her new stepsisters and mum can’t help but telling lies and falling for Honey’s (one of her new step sisters) boyfriend Shay. So will it all fall apart or will it be ok?

This is one of the reviews from Cathy Cassidy’s website:

Yuliya, age 9

I started reading Cherry Crush and I can’t wait to read the whole story!

I love the title, “Chocolate box girls” It makes me think of a box of chocolates which has different flavours and each of them is a sister. For example, Cherry can be cherry flavoured!

Cathy’s books usually focus on domestic and romantic issues and really draw the reader in from the first sentence. 

So have you read any of her books?

Carmen Brack

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