Shoe Boxes sent to Romania

Shoe boxes from all over the UK are being sent off to Romania for poor children.

Donations of gifts that would be useful like toys, sweets (no chocolate and sweets should have a use by date before March 2011), toothbrushes, toothpaste, hat, scarf, gloves and toiletries, are sent to people of all ages. 

The Rotary club charity are the people who organise the event and when all the boxes that have been sent from the UK come to their head office in Worthington, they load shipments on to their trucks and distribute them to different stations and finally gifts are delivered by horse and cart.

The shoe box appeal has been running since 1992 and has always been successful, knowing everyone can have a smile on their faces.

Staff and pupils feel this is a very worthwhile cause.  Meldrum Academy put a message on their glow website:

Meldrum Academy are helping the Rotary club with their Shoe Box Appeal this year and we aim to fill 300 boxes to be shipped to Romania for Christmas time.  There are boxes in the library along with lists of suitable items for the boxes.  Please feel free to pick a box up and help this worthy

cause. Boxes will be uplifted around 15th Nov 2010.

Many Thanks

The Shoe Box Committee.


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