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On October 7, 2010, Meldrum AcademyBBC News Group took part in a workshop to help members of the public to use computers as part of the BBC First Click campaign – a campaign hoping to help the eldery gain confidence in using computers.


There was a group of 7 reporters,4 members ofthe public, 2 senior pupils and 2 teachers.I did an interview with Rachel Grieg, who wasone of the reporters at the workshop, and asked herwhether she enjoyed participating.

A. I really enjoyed the experience and I think the elderly people did too.

Q. Did you get a lot out of it?

A. Yes, I did get a lot out of it such as the information on the talking newspapers which I never knew about before.

Q. Do you think the elderly person you were helping enjoyed the experience?

A. Yes, I think she did enjoy the experience. One of the other stories that we found out about was on liver transplants, which was told by Annette. Her 7-year- old granddaughter had a liver transplant not long ago.The patient survival is 96% on liver transplantation, which is a high number compared to other transplantations. All major organs, including the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys, can be transplanted, and the success rate ranges from 90% to 50%

Overall the workshop was a great success from all angles

By Carmen Brack

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