Congresswoman shot in Arizona coming on “in leaps and bounds”

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is walking and talking, doctors say.
On the 8th January 2011, Gabrielle was shot in the head at her own constituency event. Now doctors in Texas say she is stringing together sentences such as “I’m tired and want to go to bed.”
Dr Doug Kim said “In terms of neurological recovery,” Ms Giffords was doing well.
“She’s very upbeat, focused on getting better. She hasn’t shown us depression and she’s just been very forward looking and even with the speech she’s not showing much frustration”
Although she has no recollection of the shooting, doctors and her husband Mark Kelly, an astronaut, have explained to her what had taken place. It is still as yet undecided whether Gabrielle will attend the launching of the new Space Shuttle to be commanded by her husband.
The alleged perpetrator Jared Loughner, 22, pleaded not guilty to 49 new charges on Wednesday. If he is found to be guilty, Jared could face the death penalty.
By Emily Low
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