Grinding our Axes for Gambia

This year, enterprising students at Meldrum Academy decided to hold a guitar hero competition to raise money for the 2011 trip to the Gambia.

The trip out to the Gambia runs for those who are working to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award in 6th year. The pupils, assisted by some teachers, help the communities they will visit. In 2010, for example, the pupils built a new school.

For £1.50, pupils who could play at the medium, hard or advanced levels had a shot at playing to win a prize. The most common song was The Kill – 30 seconds to Mars. And for those wanting to watch, they could pay 50p and watch it on the Smart Board.

The Head Teacher, Mr Travis, was also there to see what was going on. He said, “The people taking part seem to be really enjoying themselves and the game looks superb up on the big screen. It’s a good idea to raise money for the Gambia project 2011.”

In the second round, the more advanced players competed against each other. A few of the contestants were David (playing against Buddy), and Mhairi (against Stephanie). The expected winner was 6th year Ollie, and this was an accurate guess!

Well done to the predicted winner Ollie who won the ‘expert’ category (and a box of celebrations.) He said “I actually managed to thrash Lachlan. For one song, I was doing the worm and not even holding the guitar for ¼ of it.” He also said that the winner of the hard category, Mhairi, managed to get a 300 note streak. Her opponent David Wiseman joked “Being a gentleman, I let Mhairi win.” Fellow contestant Ollie was pleased David had been “thrashed by a girl.”

Medium category winner Stuart Foy managed to beat Paul. It was good fun for a good cause – we hope the raise the funds they need for their trip.

Emily Low

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